Jackson Ross PLLC

Small Businesses

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a non-U.S. corporation trying to establish a U.S. presence, our team is well versed in the challenges new businesses face. Running a small business can be difficult since a small team is responsible for all of the business activity. Our attorneys can help you manage the legal aspects of operations, marketing, human resources, and so on.

Our attorneys have helped numerous new businesses choose the appropriate business entity type, draft agreements with contractors, and execute leases or other real estate transactions to get the business up and running. From there, businesses often continue to face challenges requiring the legal expertise our attorneys offer. Our team has protected clients from civil suits, researched local and state laws to ensure clients remain compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, and assisted small businesses in collecting past due payments. For our non-U.S. clients, we have facilitated numerous transactions, including direct investment and expansion, joint ventures, and revenue sharing agreements. Should you decide to exit your business, our attorneys have experience legally dissolving corporations and arranging stock and asset purchase agreements for acquisitions. From start to finish, our attorneys can help you throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Focus Areas:

  • Asset Protection
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Employment
  • General Corporate
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Non-U.S. Companies Entering U.S. Market
  • Securities Laws and Regulations

Representative Matters:

  • Served as outside general counsel to numerous organizations of varying sizes
  • Reviewed and negotiated leases and other agreements on behalf of numerous small businesses
  • Researched applicable local and state regulations on behalf of small businesses
  • Prepared and negotiated independent contractor agreement for sustainability consulting organization
  • Prepared brand management agreement for brand management consulting firm
  • Advised as to corporate reorganization that resulted in more efficient and liability-limiting structure
  • Prepared, reviewed, and negotiated numerous settlement agreements on behalf of small businesses
  • Represented employee of digital media company in investment into employer
  • Reviewed and negotiated on behalf of U.S.-based sustainability consulting organization a partnership agreement with leading French sustainability software company
  • Prepared terms of use and privacy policy for numerous organizations, from startups to well-known mature companies
  • Drafted and negotiated sublease agreement for architecture firm
  • Represented outdoor outfitter based in Czech Republic in joint venture with U.S. company for entry into U.S. market
  • Represented buyer in acquisition of social media marketing network
  • Represented U.S. entity of Hong Kong-based digital marketing company in regard to incorporation and other matters
  • Prepared, reviewed, and negotiated contracts on behalf of human resources technology platform
  • Dissolved Delaware corporation
  • Assisted numerous small businesses in collecting past due amounts from customers, using means such as demand letters, lawsuits, and lien enforcements
  • Advised Welsh company as to formation of U.S. entity to carry out business in the United States
  • Advised Zimbabwean consultant as to revenue sharing arrangement with South African client
  • Organized professional limited liability companies for physicians and attorneys in New York and the District of Columbia
  • Advised ex-employee of prominent FinTech company as to potential purchase of vested and unvested shares
  • Advised physical therapist as to license agreement with fitness facility
  • Reviewed and negotiated numerous business agreements between U.S. and non-U.S. companies
  • Analyzed protection offered by limited liability company structure of a periodical from potential liability for libel