Jackson Ross PLLC


Though our clients run the gamut, most of our clients are associated with the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • FinTech
  • Investment Funds
  • Open Data
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

Financial Services

Our attorneys have vast experience in the financial services space. Before joining our firm, many members of our team worked for an array of financial service firms and organizations, including highly regarded capital markets practices at two top law firms, a prominent financial services firm, and the New York City Department of Finance.

Our clients include investment funds, financial technology firms, and financial institutions. From consumer-finance to capital markets to large private placements, our team is well-versed in the legal and compliance issues that financial service firms often face.


Financial Technology, or FinTech, is an increasingly popular industry as numerous firms, including several of our clients, push boundaries using technology that will disrupt the way individuals and businesses manage finances. Our attorneys work with clients in New York who provide financial services as well as West Coast clients specializing in innovative technologies. Our combination of experience in the financial and technology industries perfectly positions our team as experts in the FinTech sector. Our FinTech clients strive to build and implement new technologies that increase access to financial services and increase the efficiency of financial markets. Similarly, our team strives to ensure our clients remain compliant and aware of the legal and regulatory issues that affect the industry.

The skills our attorneys possess are as far reaching as the FinTech industry itself. From digital payment to digital investing, our team is well-versed in the regulations facing the industry. Crowdfunding and microloans are increasing in popularity and represent a couple of the many areas in which our team has expertise. Privacy and security concerns are prevalent in the world of FinTech, and understanding financial and banking regulations is pivotal to the success of any FinTech firm. Our attorneys will ably advise your company as it reaches towards its goals.

Investment Funds

Our team has a depth of experience in both fund and limited partner representation, including preparing and negotiating subscription agreements, private placement memoranda, and partnership/operating agreements. Our clients include a number of venture capital and private equity funds. Members of our team have assisted numerous clients with fund formation, including entity structure and carried interest agreements. Once a fund is up and running, we work with our clients to handle investor disclosure and portfolio company relationship matters.

Jackson Ross not only has experience working with investors and investment funds, but we also have several investment advisers as clients. We help our adviser clients properly register as investment advisers and provide ongoing support to ensure compliance with all SEC and state regulations. Further, our attorneys help our clients determine eligibility for the Venture Capital Adviser Exemption or the Private Fund Adviser Exemption, as applicable, and submit annual filing requirements per SEC regulations.

Open Data

Our attorneys have served as outside counsel to organizations whose missions are to transform government data into standardized, usable data for the public. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014, or DATA Act, is the first open data law in the U.S. The DATA Act requires each federal agency to report its spending in a standardized format and publish that data on USAspending.gov.

Our clients dedicate their time and resources to pushing this open data movement forward. Potential open data policies extend far beyond the federal government’s spending habits. Our clients push for data from state governments, commercial players in specific industries, and many others to be published for the public’s use. We help our clients maneuver through the inertia that often acts as a barrier to open data policies.


Sustainability is more of a description of an end goal than of an industry. Several industries, as well as job functions within those industries, involve varying degrees of sustainability focus and efforts. Our clients range from startups developing clean technology to sustainability consultants, sustainability investors, advisers, and so on. Our attorneys assist clients with the commercialization of clean technology, including renewable energy and resource allocation.

Further, our range of expertise allows us to advise on several legal issues particular to the CleanTech and Sustainability industries. Our team can provide your company with the legal support necessary to work in the sustainability field while remaining compliant with federal and state regulations.


Technology is often synonymous with innovation. Technology touches nearly every industry. Our clients come from numerous sectors, including FinTech, CleanTech, and many other sub-industries. The products our clients create include everything from mobile applications to the most sophisticated of technology innovations. As incumbent industries are disrupted by technological innovation, the law slowly but surely catches up.

Due to its iterative nature, changes in technology can cause a variety of legal issues and companies must often respond quickly. Our team is well-positioned to handle the many legal issues facing technology firms as they seek innovation, whether big or small.