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Gary Ross Quoted in Article in Corporate Counsel Discussing Issues Relating to Yahoo’s Name Change

Gary Ross was quoted in Corporate Counsel discussing issues relating to Yahoo! announcing its name change to “Altaba Inc.”  Gary pointed out that a name change was required in the company’s agreement with Verizon reached last year.  Gary also discussed various reasons why a company might consider changing its name.  Read the entire article at Yahoo’s Name Change Highlights Costly […]

What is the Difference Between Debt Financing and Equity Financing?

Startups looking to grow and expand their business enterprises often look to outside investors for growth funding. Where fueling the growth of a business on profits alone is not feasible, startups have a few primary options when it comes to seeking outside funding: debt financing, equity financing, or debt-equity financing. Each funding option carries its […]

What To Do When You Want To Sell Your New York Business

There are many reasons why a small business owner might want to sell his or her business. The business could have gotten too big to handle for one person, might not be doing as well as the owner would like, or the business owner might simply want to cash out on the business venture that […]

Dissolution of A New York Corporation

There are many times in business that it is appropriate to close down or go out of business. The business may have failed or no one remains who is interested in keeping the business alive. When the business is a corporation, it is important the corporation be formally dissolved. When handled properly, dissolution of the […]