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Early Stage Company Financing Options For Businesses

There is a lot of energy and excitement associated with starting a new business and bringing a new or even revolutionary product or service to market. You might be extremely proud of your business idea and may want to share it with as many consumers as possible. Starting a new business is an adventure, but […]

What is the Difference Between Debt Financing and Equity Financing?

Startups looking to grow and expand their business enterprises often look to outside investors for growth funding. Where fueling the growth of a business on profits alone is not feasible, startups have a few primary options when it comes to seeking outside funding: debt financing, equity financing, or debt-equity financing. Each funding option carries its […]

Non-Accredited Investors and Convertible Promissory Notes

Does everyone who purchases a convertible promissory note have to be an accredited investor?  I am looking to fund my start-up with a friends and family round of financing.  I plan on issuing convertible promissory notes to these initial investors.  The convertible promissory notes I have seen all have a provision representing that the investor […]

The Different Types of Crowdfunding

In your last newsletter you said that the SEC had not yet legalized crowdfunding, and yet I see all these crowdfunding sites on the Internet. What gives? The crowdfunding that we discussed in the Jackson Ross PLLC Summer. Newsletter was equity crowdfunding, in which investors are given a stake in a business in exchange for […]

The Latest on Crowdfunding

What is the latest on crowdfunding at the federal and state levels? Title III of the JOBS Act gave the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) 270 days to create rules allowing for crowdfunding, which is not defined in the JOBS Act but generally refers to the practice of a private company raising money through relatively small […]