Jackson Ross PLLC

Firm Overview

At Jackson Ross, our attorneys excel in providing superior service to our clients.  The legal and regulatory world is riddled with laws that affect businesses daily.  From sole proprietors and startups to large firms and investment funds, our clients rely on our team to provide the legal support necessary to grow their businesses, as well as remain compliant with U.S. and non-U.S. regulations.

Cutting-Edge Attorneys

From financial markets to sustainability, many of our clients seek to push the technological and innovative frontier.  From CleanTech to FinTech, our attorneys have an array of experiences serving numerous industries undergoing technological revolutions.  With the support of Jackson Ross, our clients are able to focus on innovation and not get bogged down in the legal concerns applicable to their respective industries.

Skilled Business Counsel

Beyond regulatory issues, legal concerns exist inside any organization.  All entities — including startups, investment funds, nonprofits, and large firms — face potential legal hurdles when forming, structuring and funding their business.

Our attorneys have served as outside counsel to companies and investment funds targeting a range of industries, helped countless startups decide on a suitable choice of entity and board structure, and prepared the proper documentation and tax filings for a variety of nonprofits.  Once a company is up and running, our team can help develop the required data security and privacy policies to ensure the company remains compliant from a customer data perspective.  We also work with in-house staff to draft compliance manuals and code of ethics to manage compliance and quality assurance throughout a firm.  From the onset of an organization and on through the day-to-day operations, our attorneys are equipped to provide quality counsel every step of the way.

Not only do we provide legal assistance to business entities, but we also have a variety of clients who are independent consultants and professionals branching off as solo practitioners.  These clients come with a unique set of legal challenges, which our attorneys are more than prepared to handle.  Further, our attorneys represent investors as they go through the process of deciding to invest their capital (and time) into startups, nonprofits, etc.

Our team also understands and regularly manages the legal aspects of launching and maintaining investment funds, including applicable SEC requirements, investor disclosure obligations, and contractual documentation for carried interests and other distributions.  The deep knowledge and professionalism our team possesses allows our clients to focus on fund management and investment strategies rather than the various legal and compliance nuances embedded in the law.

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Regardless of your industry or organizational mission, our team is ready and willing to help you.  Each of us comes from nationally-ranked law schools and has experience working in respected law firms, government agencies and established companies.  At Jackson Ross, our team can help clients overcome the hurdles each company or executive inevitably faces.  Contact our team today to see how we can help you.