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Can a Home Country-Listed Company Still Qualify as a Foreign Private Issuer in the U.S.?

My company is publicly listed on a stock exchange in my home country of Florin.  Can I still qualify as a foreign private issuer in the U.S. and raise money through an initial public offering?

The “private” in “foreign private issuer” simply means the issuer is not government-owned.  It does not mean the issuer is private in the sense that it does not have public shareholders.  As long as your company is not owned by the Florinese government, and meets the other FPI rules, your company can qualify as a foreign private issuer.  Note an initial public offering is just one of many ways to raise money from U.S. investors.  To learn more about IPOs and other potential means for funding a non-U.S. organization, contact us at your earliest convenience.